This adorable dachshund has made an amazing recovery just days after it was found freezing in a ditch with its mouth and legs taped up.

Jimmy the dachshund was discovered in a ditch in rural Jefferson County, Missouri, having allegedly been thrown out of a car to die in the cold.

He was found more than 12 hours later by a sheriff’s deputy and was rushed to an animal clinic.

Paul Garcia, 39 of Barnhart Missouri has been charged with felony animal abuse and armed criminal action, the Jefferson County sheriff’s office told USA Today.

They allege Garcia wrapped electrical and duct tape around the dog’s muzzle and limbs.

Garcia is not the owner of the dachshund, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is appealing for his true owners to step forward.

Video posted by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shows you Jimmy having made a miraculous recovery, running around and wagging his tail.

It is not known why Garcia, who is being held on a $50,000 bond had the dog in his possession.

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